Marvel Legends Series The Void Wave 6"


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This wave is not being sold in Australian stores! AFI has secured a limited number of the entire wave for our loyal customers!

The latest Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure wave that is all Marvel Comics based. The set of seven figures consists of Black Panther, Vision, Savage Namor, The New Warriors Justice & Namorita, Crystar, and Power Princess. While this does seem like your standard wave of figures, something terrifying lies underneath the Build-A-Figure. The Void is back and is coming to life with an impressive brand-new sculpt that will have your Marvel Legends figures shivering on the shelf. The Void is an all-powerful and mysterious entity that arrived in Marvel Comics during The Sentry #1. The mysteries of The Void were solved after discovering that they are essentially the dark and destructive alter ego of the Sentry.

The Sentry is always a Marvel Comic god with unlimited power but does suffer from some pretty severe mental health issues. This mental instability comes in the form of The Void, a malevolent force that is ready to dish out plenty of chaos and destruction. The Sentry already got an exclusive Marvel Legends figure a couple of years ago, so it is nice to see his darker half come to life now.