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G.I. Joe - Gung Ho Classified Series 6” Scale Action Figure

Known as the craziest jarhead to come out of Parris Island, Gung Ho earned his reputation as a tough brawler and knight-fighter in new Oreleans. Joining the Marines at 18 years old, he was a proud soldier, not at all shy about showing off the USMC tattoo on his chest.

Thanks to Hasbro, you can collect your favourite iconic characters from the G.I. Joe Classified Series, including the intimidating Gung Ho himself. At 6" tall, the action figure features Gung Ho with an impressive level of detail, from his fully loaded battle vest, to his arsenal of weaponry. He comes with premium deco and articulation, perfect for displaying in countless menacing poses. The figure includes an array of accessories and comes in collectible packaging decorated with custom art designed in collaboration with graphic artist James Paick.

  • YO JOE! G.I. JOE EXPLODES INTO A LARGER-THAN-LIFE ERA WITH 6-INCH SCALE FIGURES: The G.I. Joe Classified Series evolves the characters fans know and love into a highly articulated 6-inch scale with premium deco and detailing
  • CLASSIC GUNG HO-INSPIRED DESIGN: This figure features a classic design updated to bring the G.I. Joe jungle specialist into the modern era, plus accessories inspired by the character’s rich history
  • COLLECTIBLE PACKAGING WITH CUSTOM ART: Joining some of the best artists from the world of comics, graphic design in our artist partnership program, James Paick adds a unique style to the Gung Ho package
  • HIGHLY POSEABLE WITH PREMIUM DETAILING: This G.I. Joe Classified Series Gung Ho figure features premium detailing and articulation for dramatic action poseability (some poses may require additional support)