Posted by Nicholas Amanatidis on 4th Sep 2020

Hello and welcome to the world of Action Figures.

We at Action Figures Industries have arrived to bring collectors and toy fans alike different ranges of action figures and collectables. 

We have spent countless years in the community and have finally begun our journey with you. We are a local Australian team that have listened to the toy community from the background and now are beginning to put what we know toy collectors hold dear to work.


We are in no way affiliated with any other company in Australia or abroad. We buy and sell toys and bring these toys to the collector as fast and best we can.

So in our very first blog let us say thank you to everyone who has and is supporting us on Facebook, Instagram and our own Auction group.

We currently due to Covid have been struggling loading items to the website and will continue to get our stock pile of 100,000+ items listed.

Currently Gi Joe, Transformers, He-Man are our range and are looking to introduce new brands throughout the coming year. We have one of the best marketing teams on the planet updating our webpage, Facebook page and Instagram daily bringing the information to your eyes as fast as we can get it.

We have a unique way of updating all our preorder clients via a Messenger group that once you have purchased you will receive an email asking if you would like to join as we believe in 100% Communication.

Thank you again for taking the time to read our first Blog and always remember the world is big but AFI is here to bring it closer to you

Whilst we sell toys we will note here that none of these items on our website are suitable for children and may be a choking hazard.