Multi Mystery Box

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Our first Genre based Mystery boxes 

With the succes of our first mystery box run we have decided to step it up so to speak

there is a limited amount of 100 of these boxes.

With random boxed items all modern from differnet types of lines from

Star Dusk

Action Force






Super 7


and More

Each Mystery box value will be more then $100 Retail gauranteed on avergae with the cost of most figures staring at $45 just for the basic range this is a great one for the colelctor or the kids in the house to leave the collector ones alone lol

one box will have a Super Surprise the HOT box Loaded with figures to the top

international shippign costs will be added to via email this is free shipping for australia only

Once these are sold out we ask you join our facebook group as we go live to randomly draw the winners out 

Action Figures Industries Auction Group or message us through our page on face book